Student Life at ISI – Amazing May

Student Life at ISI - Amazing May

Here at ISI we always stay up to date with the latest teaching technology. That’s why we recently installed three brand new interactive whiteboards in our School on Parnell Square. Both teachers and students are loving them as they bring a whole new dimension to their classes.

Learning and teaching possibilities are multiplied with the new whiteboards. Teachers can display interactive excercises and students can even come to the board and participare in games such as fill in the blanks or rearrange the sentences.

On top of the excercises, having interactive whiteboards gives the class access to high quality videos and music not to mention the entire internet. People learn in different ways and students benefit from a variety of teaching styles. The interactive whiteboards give them a chance to learn through practice and provide a novel way of consolidating new information, bringing English learning into the 21st century!

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