Our Brazilian Student Taisa’s Story

Our Brazilian Student Taisa’s Story

Hi, my name is Taisa, I am from Brazil and I am a student at ISI Dublin.

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed about setting off on amazing adventures.

My heart longed to see the world and all its magic, even if I didn’t know what that meant. The time came when I discovered fantasy books. They were an endless source of power for my wander sparkle and they will continue to be until the day I die.

Our Brazilian Student Taisa’s Story

But the thing is, I grew up and became a brave, restless woman whose desire to see the world only got bigger and bigger.

I started small and went on a few trips, two of them to Ireland. They brought me to today when I said goodbye to a lifetime of dreaming and began a life chapter of living.

Alongside the wanderlust is my desire to become a nonnative English teacher. I chose ISI to help me with that because they are very concerned about giving their students the maximum tools for them to achieve their goals.

Either through highly qualified teachers or through lots of extracurricular and social activities, ISI always makes sure you’re on the right track.

On my first weekend, I went on a day trip to Galway and made friends with an Italian girl, which is also an ISI student.

Our Brazilian Student Taisa’s Story

Not only did I get the chance to travel and make new friends, but also the chance to practice my English outside of school.

So far, the experience has been breathtaking, but will it work the way I thought and planned? Only God knows. I can only say that, considering how much I trust him, this is going to be a good ride.

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