Meet Bernardita

Bernardita María Canales from Chile.

I arrived in Dublin in the middle of Covid, in October of last year. This wasn’t easy because I didn’t expect to encounter a pandemic, but I was determined to come here and realize my dream.

When I arrived here, I was very nervous and anxious,  because it was the first time that I was leaving my country to live far  and alone. At the beginning I felt like a tourist, everything was new for me, little by little I started to see the city with other eyes, and I began to feel part of it.

As everything in life has good and bad things, for me the favorites are the parks and beaches, however, I love walking the streets and looking at the architecture, waterways, bridges and colorful house doors. On the other hand, I never thought that here in Europe I would find the streets so dirty and that there were homeless people. It is sad. I don’t like that. I thought that this only happened in countries like mine.

Nonetheless, I am so happy here and I have learned a lot about myself and that I can achieve what I want. I am very proud of myself.

I’m very grateful to ISI because they have given me many tools to improve my English and unwrap myself more and more in the day to day. I have had good teachers who have helped me a lot.

Our feedback

Sales Advisor

Amazing job! Thank you so much, Bernardita for your lovely words! It´s a great review! We’re also very proud of you! Keep up with the hard work!

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