Meet Allex

Allex Biato from Brazil.

A cultural exchange is a unique opportunity not to learn about other people, but mostly about ourselves. I would not be able to write in words what I’ve been feeling with my heart and learning with my soul, however I’ll try to do that.

Dublin has brought me plenty of emotions and thoughts that I never came across before. Living in another culture is filling out shallow spaces. I’m pretty sure coming here was the best decision that I’ve ever made in my entire life. I like to point out this experience as a game between reason and emotion, because as an artistic person, I like to create my own movies and float on this idea, between ups and downs, known and unknown. Dublin represents that for me. Every day is a lesson about understanding myself and growing with everything and everybody that crosses my path. I felt it with my first classes at ISI and ever since it unlocked many doors that were once sealed. For sure I’m already another person, a better person, but it’s still little if I think about the person I wanna become. Thanks Dublin, thanks ISI. You all are part of this puzzle. Gratitude is the best feeling that I keep inside of me.

Our feedback

Sales Advisor

Hi Allex, well done! Thank you so much for your inspiring words. Knowing that you’ve had a great experience in Dublin means a lot to us. We wish you all the best.

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