Meet Salvador

Salvador Israel Luna Juarez from Mexico.

When you challenge your dreams and think about the nearest future you will never imagine that you will be a better person, you will see/visit new places and enjoy the environment and nature of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

ISI is a school of languages that helps you to understand what is most important in your life. Thanks to teachers from different countries of the world, a good environment, excellent activities and experiences you will never believe it, but you might speak, write and listen in English. You’ll  be able to develop new knowledge and learn the culture in Dublin. This is an experience that will change your life and you will feel a special energy and you are allowed to experiment different weathers with amazing sunny and cloudy days, you’ll find people from different cultures and you’ll find a new sense in your life.

ISI changed my life because now I can enjoy the music, authors of the literature in English and my favorite hobby which is travelling to different places of the world and speaking English. The most important thing in  life is to enjoy everything that you do, you can wait a moment and reflect about what the best balance is. Maybe you can understand that a better life means having many experiences and you will start to design your own happiness traveling and learning a new language that will be important in your personal and professional  life.

ISI will always be one special memory in my life because now I can explain a little part of my dreams to more people all over the world. Learning a language is definitely amazing but learning in ISI is the best option.

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Sales Advisor

Hi Salvador, well done! Thank you so much for the lovely words! It means so much to us to know you had a nice experience with us.

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