English for Business

English is now the international language of the business world. People working in business need a sound knowledge of the language of meetings, presentations, negotiations and sales and an ability to understand and develop business reports. Our full-time, 15 hour per week Business English course responds to these needs, offering students 1 – 12 weeks of targeted practice in key business topics. Each week there is a new topic, with a different focus and associated vocabulary and grammar. Students may also take an extra 5 or 10 electives in complimentary areas such as grammar and writing, pronunciation and conversation fluency. The programme is designed for students with a B2-C1 level of English.


Age 16 + and have a B2 level of English.


B2 (pre-test required)


Morning General: 09.00 – 12.15

Students taking 5 extra electives will also study from 8.00-9.00 or 12.25-13.25

Course start dates

Any Monday of the year, excluding Christmas vacation

Hours per week

15 or 20 or 25


1 – 12 weeks


ISI Certificate in English

Weekly Modules

Week 1

Competitive environment

Concepts of competitive markets

A highly competitive company

Building relationships across companies

Language to describe levels of competition

Past tense review

Making your feelings understood

Week 2

Future uncertainty

STEEP analysis

Global consumer good industry

Presenting a case at a meeting

Language of certainty/uncertainty

Language to describe the consumer goods sector

Discourse markers to link speech

Week 3

Rewarding performance

Employee rewards


Performance –Related Pay (PRP) in practice

Negotiating a pay rise

Vocabulary of pay and incentives

Compound nouns

Language for negotiations

Week 4

Fostering creativity

Creative thinking and creative management

Innovation in practice

Decision making

Word formations

Past modals

Evaluative metaphors and idioms

Week 5

Organisational cultures

Understanding organisations

Creating successful culture

Dealing with problems across departments

Vocabulary to talk about organisations

Ways of asking questions effectively

Language for making summaries in meetings

Week 6

Working across cultures

Culture and individual strategies

Multicultural merges

International team-building

Vocabulary for culture

Reporting verbs

Vocabulary to make positive and negative judgements

Metaphors of movement

Week 7

Change management

DICE theory

Implementing change

External negotiating

Coherence and referencing language

Present perfect tenses; non-verbal communication

Ways to organise spoken language

Week 8

Project management

The principles of project management

Project management – case study

Maintaining relationships

Verb/noun combinations

Future perfect and future continuous tenses

Inclusive and exclusive language

Week 9


The 4Cs of marketing and e-marketing

The benefits of selling on- and offline

Organising a presentation

Vocabulary of marketing and e-marketing

Review of standard conditionals

Introduction to mixed conditionals

Language for introducing and linking slides

Week 10


What is branding?

Famous brandings – project

Using persuasive communication in meetings

Vocabulary of branding

Brand and product allocation

Use if to persuade and direct

Language to change features into benefits

Week 11


Activity-based costing (ABC)

Cost and price

Developing internal relationships


Financial vocabulary

Vocabulary to describe different types of costs

Polite language

Week 12


The concepts of microfinance

Delivering a presentation

Functions of emails

Used to, be used to and get used to

Word formation about banking

Good delivery techniques

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