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Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

Day Schools – Host Families

All students attending a day school will stay with one of our welcoming host families. All state schools, are day schools, as are many private schools too. Host family accommodation allows the student to experience at first-hand, Irish family life and culture. A host family can be either a traditional family (with mother, father and children) or a single host mother with or without children. A single room is guaranteed and all meals are provided. Students of other nationalities may be staying in the house in other bedrooms, with a maximum of three overseas students per household. All families used by ISI conform to the standards laid down by the Irish Department of Education and Science for the hosting of international students. These guidelines may be found at An ISI staff member will visit the host family during the student’s stay to ensure everyone is happy. If there are any issues with host families, ISI will intervene and students can speak to us any time if there is a problem.

Boarding Schools – both 5 and 7 day boarding

The boarding option gives students the opportunity to live in a caring and supportive community with their co-students where there are plenty of opportunities for recreation and sport. Normally this is dormitory accommodation with approximately 2 - 6 students per room. All meals are provided. Some schools only provide partial boarding (4 or 5 nights per week). In this case, 2 or 3 nights per week are spent with a local host family. During mid-term breaks and other holidays students may also be required to leave the boarding school. In this case the student either stays with a local host family or comes to Dublin to stay with one of ISI’s host families.

School Locations

We work with over 40 schools across the country and regularly add new locations. The majority of our schools are based in the capital Dublin, but we also have many situated deep in the countryside and some closer to small towns and villages. Often the type of experience you have is reflected in the location of the school you choose. Students staying in a day school in the countryside will often be living with a family in a rural location, maybe even on a farm, so they should be prepared for this type of unique experience. School location is an important factor when choosing your school so keep it in mind when picking your top 3 choices.

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