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Our Guardianship & Placement Service

Our Guardianship & Placement Service

Whether attending state school or private school, ISI can assist parents/guardians from the moment they decide to send their child to Ireland. We provide the following services:

Application stage

We provide full and clear information about our partner schools, including the schools’ individual websites. In this way parents can make an informed decision about the kind of school they wish their child to attend. As we know our partner schools best, we review each provisional request for information and suggest schools which match the student’s profile. Once a school has been chosen we gather all the necessary documentation and the deposit and make the application to the school on behalf of the parent. If the application is unsuccessful we can make a new application to another school. If required, we can make arrangements for both the child and parents to visit Ireland and the school in advance.


Day school applicants are placed in carefully selected host families. We ask students to complete a detailed host family application form and this information is used to match each student to the best possible family. All families used by ISI have been inspected by the ISI Accommodation Manager and meet the requirements of host families as advised by ACELS (Advisory Council for English Language Schools). An ISI staff member will visit the host family during the students stay to ensure everyone is happy. If there are any issues with host families, ISI will intervene and students can speak to us at any time if there is a problem.

Arrival in Ireland

ISI meets all new students at Dublin Airport and transfers them to their accommodation. A departure transfer service is also provided for students leaving Ireland. Other mid-year airport transfers can also be arranged.

Orientation & Welcome pack

Each student is given an orientation at the ISI office upon arrival. Depending on the flight arrival date and time, this can be done on an individual or small group basis. ISI is very flexible about arrival dates/times so that parents can book the best possible flight option for their child. Each student is brought shopping by a staff member for the school uniform, text books and any other necessary items. Students receive a free mobile phone and our 24-hour emergency telephone number. This ensures the student is contactable at all times, and that the student has access to our support service for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Social Programme & English Club

Students receive a copy of the activities planned during their stay, these include various parties, excursions and events organized by ISI for overseas high school students. A 2-hour per week English language programme for our overseas high school students is organized by ISI each week, free of charge.


New students are obliged to meet our counsellors every week for the first four weeks. We also visit them in their host family home or local area at least once in the first two weeks. In our experience this is when students require the most support while adapting to their new life. We find common issues such as homesickness and making new friends can be solved with friendly advice and a few simple techniques. After the first four weeks our counsellors meet with students every month and keep up to date with how they are progressing.

Emergencies & Medical problems

Both parents and students are provided with a 24-hour, 7-day week emergency telephone number monitored by an ISI staff member. In emergency situations, a staff member can always be contacted. When deemed necessary by the host family or school, an ISI staff member will accompany the student to the doctor or the dentist and will assist with any documentation necessary for insurance.

Reporting & Parent-teacher meetings

Schools have parent teacher meetings at least once and sometimes twice a year. An ISI staff member will attend the parent – teacher meeting and provide a full feedback report to the parent. School reports will be sent from the high school to the ISI office. Our staff will keep a record of the results and send a copy to the parent/agent.

Holidays & Mid Term Breaks

Boarding students normally have to move out of the residence during mid-term breaks and on occasional weekends. In this event, ISI places the student with a host family either close to the boarding school or in Dublin. The cost is included in the programme fee.

Managed Expense Accounts

ISI can manage an expense account for the parents for any expenses during the school year (school items, school trips, books etc.). In addition we can hold pocket money on account and provide this to the student once a month. This saves the student opening a bank account, and parents can transfer money to their child through our office. A statement of account is sent to parents at Christmas and at end of the programme. Any surplus is refunded.

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