ISI Dublin welcomes Austrian Nowak Group - ISI Dublin

ISI Dublin welcomes Austrian Nowak Group

September 22, 2017

Eighteen Austrian students with Nowak Group, led by Gloria and Julia, descend on ISI Dublin for a week-long education in English and great craic. Let's see how they got on!

From a sunny walking tour, to misty cliff hikes, the classroom became a safe haven for Nowak School as Irish weather’s trademark, four seasons in one day routine, came to the fore during theirAustrian Nowak Group - ISI Dublin 1 stay. But enthusiasm did not cease, and spirits were right at home among the clouds, as Nowak students made the most of their week with ISI Dublin.

Entering ISI Dublin with an already impressive level of English, the challenge was then how to improve their skills even further, which proved no challenge at all. Brian, one of ISI Dublin’s known favourites, getting a special mention from Gloria, Nowak’s English Teacher, saying, “He is definitely the cool one for them, they like how calm he is in class”.

Nowak managed to squeeze a lot of Dublin city into their week-long stay, as a full list of afternoon activities were packed into three days. They seized the opportunity to explore one final time, as near experts on the cobbled maze of Temple Bar, following their successful Scavenger Hunt the previous afternoon.

Sunshine greeted them on their walking tour of the city, meandering through the historical ages of Dublin, greeting legendary linguists James Joyce and Oscar Wilde along the way. The beautiful Howth cliff walk lay in store, and the glorious views stretching from one side of Dublin to the other, would surely be a moment to remember.

Austrian Nowak Group - ISI Dublin 2

Then again, the weather can be cruel at times.

But a defiant thumbs up, signalled that no amount of descending mist would take the craic away from this group of adventurous young students. We pressed on, and our faith restored as the sunshine returned for a final Scavenger Hunt through Temple bar. The Triumphant trio, whose beaming smiles tell reveal about their trip than any words could dare to.

Austrian Nowak Group - ISI Dublin 3Time spent without Viennese schnitzel, arguably the best place for it in Austria, is a challenge for anybody lucky enough to have encountered it. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself!

It was time for the host families to step up to the plate, and step up they did, treating Nowak students to a feast of Irish food, fit for the old High Kings of Ireland, the students had learned about. When asked, the students could only laugh rubbing their bellies, a wry glint of pride at the volume they managed to consume thus far.

Schnitzel, now, a distant memory.

Several days of adventure now comes to a close. A final flourish as Gloria and Julia, Nowak Group Leaders, arrive into the office on their cradling donuts, divided up into one last sugar-rushed, supper. Nowak group leave with fond memories, as do those of us staying behind looking forward to their next visit.

Check out what Gloria, Nowak Group Leader, had to say about their stay below!

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