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Our Taiwanese student Jason’s story

June 11, 2019

I have been studying in Dublin for nearly 6 months. I’d like to share my experience here in ISI Dublin about my host family and study.

It’s a traditional Irish family in Dublin, I had stayed here for one month and learnt something very different from the past. For example, speaking English every day, eating Irish food for dinner- most of the time is potato. 

In the school, there are many students from different countries like France, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Korea, Turkey, Japan, and Mexico. I’ve learnt a lot of cultures from them by taking same classes and sometimes chatting in the café on my break time.

I really enjoy studying here and Paul Breen is one of my favorite teachers from ISI. When I arrived Dublin, I felt uncomfortable to speak English and I’d always thought my English is not good enough. Paul has helped me on learning English a lot! I can feel that I’m improving and becoming fluent to talk to native speakers.

Sometimes our teachers take us to museums so that we can learn more Irish culture and history outside of school. That’s the experience that I would never have in Taiwan. 

Not only the regular classes, there’re also lots of social activities happen everyday in ISI. Like Conversation Corner on Wednesdays in a bar near school. Teacher Karen is the host of this activity, she’s always very energetic and leading us to have fun in learning English. It helps us practicing speaking skill while playing games together, and- making friends! 
Secondly, I would like to talk about St. Patrick’s Day. It is an important day for Irish. People celebrate on the 17th March every year as a tradition. There’re buildings, venues, everywhere across the Dublin city illuminate green for St. Patrick’s Festival. 

I had costumed as Taiwanese traditional character " Electric-Techno Neon Gods" in Bray. It had won the attention of both the local and the international audience. Furthermore, we were invited to perform live on The Ray D’Arcy show on RTE on 16th March 2019, which broadcasted all over Ireland. 

It was my first time to be interviewed on the news in my life. As a Taiwanese, I’m very proud of it and I’m delighted to introducing Taiwanese traditional culture to others through one of the biggest channels here in Ireland. 

To these Taiwanese people who’re thinking of studying English in Ireland, I strongly recommend you come to ISI! There’re not many students speak Mandarin which is great for you to improve English, and the teachers, facilities, and activities just perfect! It is a very worthwhile decision and you will definitely have an unforgettable experience here!  

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