Student Life at ISI - April Action - ISI Dublin

Student Life at ISI - April Action

April 8, 2016

Check out the April social calendar and see what we have in store for you this month!

It is an important part of our tradition to ensure an exciting and original Social Programme for our students, and this month will be no different. Keep reading to find out what awaits you at ISI this April!


Week One sees the return of ISI Movie Night with a trip to the iconic Savoy Cinema on the 7th to watch the hit new Irish musical drama ‘Sing Street’. Then we’re getting into the Spring spirit with a trip to the beautiful Newbridge Farm on Friday the 8th. It’s the season of rejuvenation and growth, and what better way to celebrate this sentiment than by visiting some baby farm animals! Newbridge’s picturesque setting in the North Dublin countryside offers a breath of fresh air to those craving a break from the city.


For anyone who wishes to go a little further, our Saturday trip takes you to the famous Cliffs of Moher where you will be blown away by the stunning coastal landscape. Sheer cliff edges and wild Atlantic waves create an incredible atmosphere in which you can’t help but be impressed.


The following week we delve deep into the secret society of the Freemasons as we visit their Grand Lodge in Dublin City. Also on the programme is a trip to the home of Guinness, the world famous Irish beer. We discover the history of The Black Stuff, learn how to pour a perfect pint and indeed the perfect way to drink it.


If the Guinness tasting isn’t enough we host our monthly party on the same evening and this month’s theme is ‘Black & White’. We will have free entry, good music and cheap drinks for all who wish to attend. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students, get a taste of the Dublin nightlife and show off your dance moves!


Week Two also takes us on a coastal walk along the famous wooden bridge of Clontarf on Friday the 15th. The following day we head north to the Giant’s Causeway where the legendary Fionn Mac Cumhaill famously tore chunks off the Antrim coastline and threw them into the sea in order to face the Scottish giant Benandonner who was threatening the Emerald Isle, leaving us with one of the most impressive natural landscapes in the world.


Next we explore the tranquil Botanic Gardens of Dublin, cruise down the River Liffey in a long boat and trek to the top of Killiney Hill to take in some stunning views of the city. Trivia night also awaits us in Week Three with the ISI Table Quiz. Great prizes to be won and great fun to be had as we test each other’s general knowledge!


As the summer approaches in Week Four we go cycling through the beautiful Phoenix Park to find the deer, climb to the top of Bray head and explore the famous lakes of Connemara.


Aside from these fantastic trips and activities we have our weekly walking tours which give you a chance to familiarise yourself with Dublin on foot and allow you to intimately experience the character and history of the city. As always we also have our weekly Music and History Clubs for those of you who want to know a little more about Irish culture, as well our Jobs Club designed to help our students find work here in Dublin.


As you can see we have a packed social schedule, and this is just a taste of all the amazing April action we have in store for you at here at ISI Dublin! 

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