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Tips for improving your English right now!

December 17, 2015

Switch the Channel

Entertaining and practical, American and British TV productions enjoy high budgets and world acclaim. Adding subtitles, preferably in English, can aid the learning process.

Listening to English language radio and music is another excellent method for perfecting not only your listening and comprehension, but it also does wonders for your accent.

Change the Language on your Social Media or Phone

We use our phones every day, some of us use them every five minutes, so it makes sense to utilise them to improve our language skills. Change your language settings and notice the improvement in your vocabulary almost immediately. There’s nothing like the need to check your Facebook or WhatsApp messages as an incentive to improve your English.

Challenging Scenarios

Your friend speaks better English than you, so it makes sense they call the pizza place, right? Wrong.

If you want to learn English there is absolutely nothing better than throwing yourself in at the deep end. If your food vocab needs improvement, be proactive and insist on doing the weekly shop. Learning a new language constantly places you outside of your comfort zone and that’s what makes it so wonderful.

Language Swap

As native English speakers we generally learn a second language for fun rather than necessity, which makes us very relaxed learners. Advertise your interest to language swap and you could make a new friend, while improving your English conversation skills. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to impart some of your own knowledge.


Spot the Idiom

Throwing yourself in at the deep end.

- Having to do something difficult with very little help or prior planning.

Haven’t a clue.

- To have no knowledge or information.

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