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What to do at Hallowe’en in Dublin

October 20, 2015

Though every American movie about Halloween would suggest otherwise, Halloween actually began right here in Celtic Ireland. It originates from the pagan festival, Samhain, a time of renewal and revival, but also the time of year that departed souls would return to their homes along with malevolent spirits from the underworld. This pagan tradition means that the Irish take Halloween very seriously, and we mean veeery seriously. Bonfires, trick-or-treating, fireworks, costume parties, bopping for apples, and all night dancing, are all things to expect. Halloween 2015 will be an amazing autumnal celebration with the weird, the wacky, and the spooky cascading across the streets of Dublin like a deadly and spine-tingling mist.


ISI will be having it’s very own Spelling B, with a spooky twist. Students will compete for great prizes and class victory in a tense competition that will put your English abilities to the test. Be careful not to put a foot wrong, or things could get very hairy in a Spelling Competition like no other.

Bram Stoker Festival

The Bram Stoker Festival runs from the 23rd – 26th of October and involves a collaboration of different cultural institutions around the city. In honour of our very own literary great, the Bram Stoker Festival has several talks and exhibitions about the Dublin born writer of Dracula. However, it’s not all academic; from screenings of Dawn to Dusk and Blade I &II to spooky maze-like constructions in Smithfield Square and Vampire Parties in the Project Arts Centre, there is something to frighten everybody.

Scarevenger Hunt

Time for ISI’s annual “Scare”venger Hunt. Students will be given a list of “life-threatening” challenges that they will have to complete in under 2 hours. Come with a phone that has recording capabilities and a stern stomach to be in with a chance to compete in Dublin’s most frightening Halloween activity. You’ve been warned.

The Science Gallery: Secret

The place to be if you consider yourself a tech wiz or a science geek. The hub of all things science changes its exhibition every 3 to 4 months. This October they’ve revealed their studies on “Big Brother” and surveillance culture through innovative art pieces and scientific studies.

Halloween Night

If you are going to celebrate Halloween anywhere in the world, Ireland is the place to visit on October 31st. Every man, woman, child and their dog will be out on the streets in costume, dressed as ghouls, ghosts and goblins. It’s a fantastic exhibition of tradition and culture on one fantastic night.

Spot the Idiom

Put a foot wrong: To make a mistake in performing an action.

A "Hairy situation" is when you are in a situation that is scary and frightening or dangerous, and the hair on your body stands on end.

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