Ricardo Ortiz


Ricardo Ortiz


MHL - Cafeteria


Jul 16 2021


1:50 pm - 5:30 pm

Friday hike – A stroll in Dun Laoghaire

Improve your English while doing a different outdoor social activity!

Let’s stroll down Dun Laoghaire seafront just like the characters in Ulysses (1922), one of the most famous modernist novels set in Dublin.

Dun Laoghaire is a charming seaside town in the southern part of Dublin Bay, just 20 minutes by DART from the city centre. There are so many unique things to discover around there and most importantly: you get to make new friends and practice your English!

We’ll walk from Dun Laoghaire’s harbour to the Forty Foot in Sandycove while enjoying the sea view.

“Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.” –Ulysses, James Joyce

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