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Feb 07 2024


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Wednesday – Chester Beatty Library

Improve your English while doing a different outdoor social activity!

Dedicated to the exploration and understanding of world cultures and religions, the Chester Beatty’s collection includes more than 20,000 manuscripts, rare books, miniature paintings, clay tablets, and costumes. It is set on the beautiful grounds of Dublin Castle, which dates to the 12th century!

The grounds where the library is located are better known as the Dubh Lihn Gardens, which in the Gaelic language means “black pool.” According to legend, it is the historical area where Dublin city was founded.

The museum contains several priceless objects, including one of the surviving volumes of the first illustrated Life of the Prophet and the Gospel of Mani believed to be the last remaining artefact from Manichaeism.

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