Film / Series Review

Film / Series Review

A peer-reviewed project in formal academic writing by our students.

The aim of this project was to get students structuring and writing reviews using a dialectical methodology, while presenting their recommendations for series’ and films.

Please, check it out here and below you can read some testimonials of the students who did this activity with their teacher, Edia Connole.

I really enjoyed doing this film review, it was a great experience to develop writing skills, which is very important for exams and for work. Teacher Edia was essential to teaching us each step with patience and dedication. I am very grateful to her for all the teaching.

— Monique Alves

I recently arrived in Ireland, and the second day I joined Edia’s class. One of the tasks was to write a review of a series or film that we like. I was nervous in the beginning because I was new in the class, but with the teacher’s support this was a really nice experience. I am learning a lot.

—Rebeca Moller

I’m glad to have been part of this writing project, the focus of which was a film review, and as ESL students we always get frightened when we have to face new challenges. However, the way that it was structured by Edia (our teacher) helped us a lot, and showed us that these kinds of activities can be fun, and easy if worked on with passion and love.

—Lucas de Lima

This review project has been one of the most significant projects during my English language learning journey so far. Making this review was a great opportunity, because it involved learning many techniques, like how to structure all the paragraphs in the text, and also how to use the correct tenses you have to use. At the beginning, it sounded a bit too difficult for me; however, in the end, I was getting more excited and feeling more comfortable with writing and seeing what it would look like.

—Glayson Naves

I had an amazing experience writing my first review. We started looking at all the eight parts of speech and after that we had to create a review for a film. It was a great opportunity to apply our learning. Honestly, I am really proud to have taken part in this project. Edia conducted the project lightly and made us confident to write our reviews. Her dedication made such a difference in times of online classes.

—Catarina Honorato

Since I started my English course at ISI, I can say that writing a film review has been an incredible experience. Edia clearly showed us step-by-step how to write an amazing review. I am very happy to have had this experience, because I feel better prepared to write a review on a website and write a review in an English test.

—Débora de Oliveira

The project was proposed by my English teacher, Edia, who helped me to develop this review. I was very excited to talk about this film and also to test my knowledge on writing. Thanks to everybody’s engagement on this idea, it made everything very pleasant.

—Laíssa de Marco

This project was a good way to improve my English, because I got to choose my favourite film and learn how to write a review about it. This kind of activity is fun, and so helpful. I am impatiently awaiting the next project. Thank you Edia!

—Burak Can

When I watched this .ilm I was very impressed, and Edia wanted to us write a review about a .ilm a week later. I am bad at remembering .ilms that I have watched. However, I’ll never forget this .ilm. Thank you very much Edia for your help with this project; it has been so enjoyable.

—Bilge Su Erdogan

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