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5 Reasons to Study English in Ireland

April 28, 2016


Ireland is known as the land of a hundred thousand welcomes. The best way to find out why is to come and feel the warmth for yourself. Irish people are always happy to help and genuinely want everyone who comes to visit to have a wonderful time. 

Given our history of emigration we understand what it is like to be foreigners. There are approximately 6.3 million people currently living on the island of Ireland but there is an estimated 80 million people worldwide with Irish ancestry. It is perhaps because of this that we enjoy making people feel at home. 

World's Friendliest Nation

This reputation is backed up by renowned travel guide book Lonely Planet who voted Ireland the world’s friendliest nation in 2008. The editor cited that “centuries of turmoil, conquest and famine – and subsequently immigration – have certainly taken their toll on the Irish. It has left them with a deliciously dark sense of humour and a welcoming attitude towards strangers.” Irish people are famously open and helpful. Don’t be surprised if you ask someone for directions and they end up taking you to your destination themselves!  

Fascinating Culture

A strong culture and heritage thrives in Ireland. It is rich and nuanced with its own unique sport, art literature and cuisine. The Irish are proud of their culture and are delighted to share it with visitors. You may even find yourself singing along at a traditional music session (there are over 50 every night in Dublin city alone).

Stunning Landscapes

Situated right on the edge of the massive Atlantic Ocean, the Irish landscape has been shaped by powerful forces for millenia. There is a sense of history and grandeur along the entire Irish coastline and observers are often awestruck by its beauty. Countless lakes, mountains and rivers as well as hundreds of castles, ring forts and other ancient settlements give the Irish countryside a fairytale sense of wonder and mystic.


There is a quality that you can’t quite put your finger on. Something beyond words that is created by virtue of all of these things combined. Ireland, its people and its culture come together to create a unique atmosphere that can only be described as Irish. It guarantees a truly unforgettable experience for anyone who comes to visit and makes everybody want to come back for more. 

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