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My Experience as an Exchange Student

April 24, 2018

Have you thought about moving abroad to study English? Perhaps you're still unsure. Well check out what former ISI student - Marie, had to say about her experience living in Dublin, and studying here with ISI.

Hi everyone, I’m Marie and I’m very glad to be here to tell you all about my experience as an exchange student!

Let me introduce myself:

I’m 20, living in Belgium, owner of one evil cat and a lovely dog. Two years ago I had a crazy idea ‘I want to study abroad’, that’s how it started. After this revelation comes the time of researches (where, when, how long...) which are really exciting to be honest (Why not Hawaii or Dubai??)! To me, the destination didn’t take long to come in my mind, if I had to go somewhere it had to be Ireland. Why Ireland shall you ask? For the Leprechauns? For the Guinness?

No, it’s more than that. 

Ireland always had something indescribable to me, something I can’t even name but that had always attracted me (and I’m not talking about the rugby players here ladies). I had never been there before but I had heard lots of stories about it, all its mysteries, its magic, its warm-hearted people.

Now comes the time of ‘oh my god what am I doing, is this really happening oh my god’ and you will regret your decision almost a hundred time before leaving but  you will also be dying to leave your home country to discover a new city. It’s a big mix of emotions, a new change, new life, new people, new family and friends.