My ISI - Hyewon talks about her experiencen - ISI Dublin

My ISI - Hyewon talks about her experiencen

June 6, 2017

Having welcomed many students through the years we know that travelling and settling in the new and unknown country might be daunting. We also know that the best advice can be given by someone who has been in a similar position. That’s why we would like to share our present or past student’s experiences in ISI Dublin.

A couple weeks ago we were chatting with Hyewon Jung (29, Korea) and asked her to tell us about her decision to study in ISI and how does she like it so far.

Profile Picture abour Hyewon Jung from Korea

‘One of the main reasons why I chose ISI Dublin was the wide range of social activities that on offer on a daily basis’, she told us. ‘From the first day of coming into ISI I met a number of students from all different cultures and backgrounds and it was really exciting’.

Hyewon thinks that this was an important factor as it allowed to focus on practicing English. Joining all her classmates on the after-school social activities during the week such as the outdoor trips Bray is definitely an activity Hyewon would recommend for current and future students.

ISI Students in Bray, Dublin

Hyewon is very positive about her Irish family experience too. ‘Before transferring to private accommodation local to the school, the three weeks with my host family was a great opportunity to enjoy authentic Irish dinners and experience daily Irish life with her host family’, she told us. She would highly recommend this to anyone who is new to Irish culture.

Hyewon Jung and ISI Staff enjoying Viking Splash Tour Dublin

And last but not the least, Hyewon has found all the staff at ISI to be really helpful. ‘From everyone at reception to the teachers, was brilliant making her first weeks at school plain sailing!’ 

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