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St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations and Traditions in Dublin

February 25, 2020

Saint Patrick is Irelands Patron Saint. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th, the supposed date of his death.

It is acknowledged inside and outside of Ireland as a cultural and religious holiday. Here is your local guide to St Patrick’s Day in Dublin 2020, giving you an insight into the celebrations and traditions around this Irish holiday!

Wear Green

Wearing the colour green is a big tradition when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. Green is one of the trio’s colours in Ireland’s flag. Ireland is also known as ‘The Emerald Isle’ due to its green countryside and green also represents the shamrock. Buildings, rivers and famous landmarks including The London Eye and The Last Vegas welcome sign turn green for this international holiday! 

The Parade

If you are lucky enough to be in Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day, you should hit up the annual Parade. Over 500,000 people will take to the streets of Dublin to watch the biggest parade of the year. The parade will take place in various locations for two hours around Dublin City Centre. Make sure to get to the parade early in order to avoid disappointment! 

Enjoy a pint of Guinness

Once the parade finishes the pubs built up. A pint of plain is a must on St Patrick’s Day. It is a widely held tradition in Ireland to drink beer, whiskey and Guinness on this special day. Over 13 million Guinness are consumed internationally on St. Patrick’s Day. Temple Bar can be overly crowded on this day but do stroll through to experience live Irish music and an uplifting ambience around the city centre.  This year St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on a Tuesday which means the weekend before is also filled with fun and interesting events for everyone! 

Traditional Irish Food

When in Ireland you should try out some traditional Irish food. Traditional Irish pubs in the heart of the city is where you can find the best meals. The Hairy Lemon located on Stephens Street serves amazing Irish dishes providing you with their speciality beef and Guinness pie. Other places with tasty food include Flanagans, O’Neills and The Boars Head, which is a two-minute walk from ISI!  

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