Meet Ivan

Ivan Moto from Mexico.

Hello everybody I hope all are  fine.

I will write about my experience in ISI school, I came here last year in February 1 months before p andemic started.

My experience in ISI school has been amazing, because in this school was where  have learned English, when arrived here I didn’t know anything, my first class was A0 and now my level is B1 I know I am not the best student in the school and I know I need follow  learning, but I am very happy with my progress.

The next month after started my course, the pandemic to COVID19  started  I won’t forget that day  was on Thursday, March 13th, 2020,  and since that moment  started  the online class  a Wednesday March 18th  2020 and  was when ISI school demonstrated its quality and capacity.

The school did everything to keep students busy with different activities in  the weeks. I remember the art class with the teacher Mariel was amazing or the history class as well, also they had always contact with the students through ZOOM and another  social networks like Fakebook, and Instagram, in all moment the staff has been working to help students.

The class online  was a surprise for me I have learned a lot in all this time  almost one year,  al l teachers have been responsible and professional in each class, but of course I miss the class face to face, because is better for learning and socializing, because sometimes some students don’t use the camara in class and that is boring, but with all that I enjoyed online class and  I know  some news friends and new teachers. This school is very good for me, it is the reason why I renewed in the same school I started.

My experience in Dublin has been the best of my life I know a lot beautiful place , I like the parks specially the Phoenix park is very big but it’s very nice, and between  my favourite places are the Botanic garden , Malahide, Howth and the mountains of bray ,  w alking in these places is amazing.

I would like to travel around Ireland and know more places like Belfast for example  and also travel around Europe I would you like to visit Spain and Italy, but now for the  covid is impossible.

My work experience here has been very good, I learned a lot, my first job was in a hotel, I was housekeeper, that job was very difficult for me and the worst thing was that I couldn’t practice my English because I only had time to clean the rooms, I had 30 minutes to clean a room, but it was impossible for me and too difficult as the work was too heavy.

A few months later, I found another job in a coffee shop. That job was better, because I could talk with other people and practice my English and it was easier to learn. Now I am not working due to covid restrictions. because We are in lockdown, but when we go back to level 3, I can go back to work and I hope it will be soon.

The weather in Ireland is very strange, for me it is very difficult because I come from a very hot city, where in a normal day it is 30 degrees and in summer it can be up to 45 degrees. But in Ireland in just one day, you can see all the seasons, it can be rainy, can be windy, can be sunny, can and even snowy, all in a few minutes. Of course, for me it’s always cold and now I have learned that I should always go out with an umbrella and a jacket because in Ireland nothing is sure about the weather.

Now to say bye just I just want to say something, I know the covid has affected all of us, but we need to learn to live with it and appreciate everything we have around, especially health and our freedom. that Since last year has changed everything in our lives, I am sure that if everybody respects the rules and follows the indications from the Government soon, we will back to the normal life soon.

We need to think that some people had more difficult problems, while we have health, we have to be grateful with the life and enjoy this gif wonderful gift called life.

Thank you very much for this opportunity, I hope to see you soon.

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Sales Advisor

Thank you Ivan for your lovely words! We highly appreciate them! Our goal is to make sure we offer the best experience to each of our students. We look forward to seeing you soon again!

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