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Business English Courses

Business English Courses

The Business English course incorporates a General English 15 course plus 5 hours per week of a business elective. These electives are designed to widen the students knowledge of specific vocabulary and grammar in business situations. The Writing Skills component prepares students for written communication while the Interpersonal and Communication Skills component prepares them for verbal interactions.

Key points:

  • Students combine General English with Business English
  • General ‘all-round’ approach plus a focus Business English
  • Revision of major grammar and vocabulary at each level, including that related to the business world
  • In-house examinations

Levels: B1 – C1
Schedule: Morning General: 09.00 – 12.15 or Afternoon General: 13.30 – 16.40
Business English Elective: 08.00 – 9.00 OR 12.25 – 13.25
Course start dates: Any Monday of the year, excluding Christmas vacation
Hours per week: 20 or 25 
Duration: 1 – 40 weeks
Award: ISI Certificate in English

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