Medical Insurance Policy

Summary of cover

MediCover Student Travel/Personal Medical Expenses Insurance

This is a summary of cover and does not contain all the terms and conditions these can be found in Policy document number IAS84420 which has been provided to you. Please take time to make sure you understand the cover it provides. Cover is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE.

What is MediCover travel/student Private Medical Expenses Insurance?

The MediCover travel/student Private Medical Expenses Insurance covers Insured Persons whose Country of Origin is outside the EEA and who, whilst in Ireland for the purpose of attending an academic course with the Insured, during the period of insurance, suffer an injury resulting in death or disablement; incur medical expenses following illness requiring hospitalisation or following an accident; or require to be indemnified should they become liable for some unintentional injury, illness or damage to the property
of another.

Who can be covered?

A. Students whose Country of Origin is outside the EEA, whilst in Ireland for the purpose of attending an academic course.
B. Any Partner of a person described in Category A when StudyandProtect and Chubb agree to include such person in this insurance.
C. Any Child of a person described in Categories A or B when the Intermediary and Chubb agree to include such person in this insurance.


‘Accident’ and ‘accidental’ means a sudden identifiable violent external event which happens by chance and which could not be expected; or unavoidable exposure to severe weather.
‘Bodily injury’ means injury which is caused solely by Accidental means and which independently of Illness or any other cause, occurs within 12 months from the date of the Accident.
‘Illness’ means any illness, disease, medical complaint or medical condition which is not Accidental Bodily Injury and which is contracted by an Insured Person.
‘Insured’ means the person, firm, company or organisation named above in the confirmation of cover.
‘Insured Person’ means the student mentioned above, whose Country of Origin is outside the European Economic Area who has chosen to participate in the Insured’s MediCover Student Travel Insurance.
‘In-patient’ means an Insured Person, whose Hospital confinement is as a resident bed patient, for whom a clinical case record has been opened and whose confinement is necessary for the medical care, diagnosis and treatment of an Illness or Bodily Injury covered by this Policy and not merely for any form of nursing, convalescence, rehabilitation, rest or extended-care.

Pre-requirements for cover to apply

As with all insurance policies, other than life assurance, the policy covers only unexpected and unforeseen events. If you cannot confirm the above statements under the heading Pre-requirements for cover to apply you will not be covered by this insurance.

Chubb Assistance

Emergency medical assistance
T +353 1 440 1762
operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Significant Features and benefits

A) This policy provides cover for €2,500,000 for medical expenses (including dental expenses necessitated by bodily injury), nursing home and ambulance charges and unlimited expenses for emergency repatriation. Funeral expenses are limited to €7,000 and physiotherapy, homeopathy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatment is limited to €1,000. An excess of €100 per claim applies.
B) In case of injury, the benefit payable in respect of death, loss of two or more limbs, or loss of sight in both eyes, is €10,000. In the case of loss of one limb or loss of sight in one eye the benefit payable is €5,000.
C)Personal liability cover included with a limit of indemnity of €5,000,000.

Section A. Medical Expenses – up to €2,500,000

  1. ‘Medical Expenses’ means all reasonable costs necessarily incurred whilst an Insured Person is in Ireland including:
    a) surgical or other diagnostic or remedial treatment given or prescribed by a Qualified Medical Practitioner;
    b) nursing home and ambulance charges; and
    c) costs incurred for complications of pregnancy (as diagnosed by a Qualified Medical Practitioner who specialises in obstetrics provided that if travelling within 12 weeks of the expected date of delivery the Policyholder provides a medical certificate – which must be dated no earlier than 5 days before the outbound travel date – issued by a doctor or midwife confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy and that they are fit to travel).

2. Dental expenses must be incurred within 24 hours of the injury (Max limit €500).

All expenses must be pre-approved and arranged by Chubb Assistance which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

T +353 1 440 1762.

Significant or Unusual Exclusions or Limits applicable to Section A

This section does not cover:

  • The first €100 of any claim under A. Medical Expenses.
  • Expenses incurred without the authorisation in advance of Chubb Assistance
  • Amounts recoverable from any free national health scheme
  • Injury/illness where a Doctor has not confirmed the treatment to be medically necessary
    Treatment provided by a member of the Insured Person’s family
  • Physiotherapy, homoeopathy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatment unless necessitated by bodily injury
  • Cosmetic treatment unless agreed by us and necessary as a result of accidental bodily injury
  • Expenses incurred in the Insured Person’s Country of Origin except as specifically covered
  • When the purpose of the trip is to receive medical treatment, cosmetic treatment, or medical advice
  • Dental or optical expenses other than those incurred in providing the minimum level necessary to relieve pain and discomfort for the duration of the journey following the injury
  • Medication costs known or required prior to travelling
  • When treatment could have waited until return to Country of Origin.
  • When travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner
  • Expenses incurred for which no receipts are provided.

For further details please refer to the policy document

Cover – Pages 14 – 16
Exclusions – Pages 17 – 20

Section B. Personal Accident – up to €10,000

Accidental bodily injury which causes:

  • Death/Loss of more than one limb/Loss of sight in more than one eye: €10,000
  • Loss of one limb or loss of sight in one eye: €5,000.
Significant or Unusual Exclusions or Limits applicable to Section B

This section does not cover:

  • suicide or deliberate self harm
  • post traumatic stress disorder, psychological or psychiatric condition
  • Repetitive stress (strain) injury or syndrome
  • driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • disease or any physical defect, injury or illness which existed before the Journey;
  • any physical defect, infirmity or medical condition for which medical advice or treatment has been received within the 24 months prior to an Insured Person’s effective date of cover.

For further details please refer to the policy document

Cover – Pages 14 – 16
Exclusions – Pages 17 – 20

Section C. Personal Liability – up to €5,000,000

Covers legal costs and damages which the insured person becomes legally liable to pay as a result of having caused death or injury to a third party or damage to their property.

Significant or Unusual Exclusions or Limits applicable to Section C

This section does not cover liability for:

  • Bodily injury to any person in the course of being engaged in the activities of the insured persons’ employer
  • Bodily injury to the insured persons’ immediate family
  • Property belonging to or in the custody of an insured person
  • Mechanically propelled vehicle, aircraft, hovercraft, watercraft or firearms
  • The ownership, possession or occupation of land or buildings, immobile property or caravans
  • Any wilful or malicious act
  • Punitive or exemplary damages
  • No admission, offer, promise or indemnity to be made without the consent of Chubb.

For further details please refer to the policy document
Cover – Pages 14 – 16
Exclusions – Pages 17 – 20

General Exclusions applicable to whole policy

War; radioactivity; armed forces; scuba diving; mountaineering; drink driving; motor bike or scooter riding unless licensed in Ireland; flying other than as a passenger; illegal acts; self-injury or suicide; drug abuse; HIV/AIDS; treatment for symptoms which should reasonably have been treated before travelling.

Duration of policy

This policy will start and finish on the dates shown above in the confirmation of cover.

Right of cancellation

The Insured Person may cancel this policy within 14 days of the purchase date, providing no claims have been made, and receive a full refund, if cancelled after the 14 days we reserve the right to charge you a premium proportionate to the cover that has been in force up to the date of your cancellation, and a reasonable administration charge for any costs incurred.

Who are we

This policy is arranged and administered by O’Driscoll O’Neil, trading as Study and Protect. O’Driscoll O’Neil DAC t/a O’Driscoll O’Neil, StudyandProtect is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered Office 17 Herbert Place, Dublin 2, Reg number 98551This policy is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE. Chubb European Group SE trading as Chubb, Chubb Bermuda International and Combined Insurance, is authorised by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) in France and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. Registered in Ireland No. 904967 at 5 George’s Dock, Dublin 1. Chubb European Group SE is an undertaking governed by the provisions of the French insurance code with registration number 450 327 374 RCS Nanterre and the following registered office: La Tour Carpe Diem, 31 Place des Corolles, Esplanade Nord, 92400 Courbevoie, France. Chubb European Group SE has fully paid share capital of €896,176,662.Chubb European Group SE is a subsidiary of a US parent and Chubb Limited (a NYSE listed company) and part of the Chubb Group of companies. Consequently Chubb European Group SE is subject to certain US laws and regulations in addition to EU, UN and national sanctions restrictions which may prohibit it from providing cover or paying claims to certain individuals or entities, and from insuring certain types of activities in or connected with certain countries and territories such as, but not limited to, Iran, Syria, North Korea, North Sudan, Cuba and Crimea.

How to claim

1) Should you need emergency medical assistance contact Chubb Assistance on: +353 (0)1 440 1762
2) Should you wish to make any other claim you should contact:
17 Herbert Place Dublin 2
T 01 – 6395800

To avoid delays in settling your Claim:

1)Indicate the type of claim (e.g. injury, illness, medical expenses, Personal Liability, etc.)
2)Quote the name of the Language School/College being attended and the Policy/Certificate number.
3) Substantiate your claim by attaching the applicable statement, receipts or accounts.

Complaints procedure

Both Chubb and StudyandProtect are dedicated to providing a high quality service and want to maintain this at all times. If you are not satisfied with our service please contact:
1. StudyandProtect
17 Herbert Place Dublin 2
T 01 – 6395800

2. The Accident & Health Manager Chubb,
5 George’s DockInternational Financial Services Centre Dublin 1
T 1800 707170
E quoting policy details.

If not satisfied with Chubb’s final response, an Insured Person can ask the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman to review their case.

Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman
3rd Floor, Lincoln House
Lincoln Place, Dublin 2
D02 VH29
T (01) 567 7000

The existence of these complaint procedures does not reduce an Insured Person’s Statutory Rights relating to this Policy. For further information about Statutory Rights an Insured Person should contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Data Protection Declaration

We use personal information which you supply to us or, where applicable, to your insurance broker in order to write and administer this Policy, including any claims arising from it.

This information will include basic contact details such as Your name, address, and policy number, but may also include more detailed information about You (for example, Your age, health, details of assets, claims history) where this is relevant to the risk Chubb are insuring, services Chubb are providing or to a claim You are reporting.

Chubb are part of a global group, and Your personal information may be shared with Chubb’s group companies in other countries as required to provide coverage under Your policy or to store Your information. Chubb also use a number of trusted service providers, who will also have access to Your personal information subject to Chubb’s instructions and control.

You have a number of rights in relation to Your personal information, including rights of access and, in certain circumstances, erasure.

This section represents a condensed explanation of how Chubb use Your personal information. For more information, Chubb strongly recommends You read Chubb’s user-friendly Master Privacy Policy, available here: You can ask Chubb for a paper copy of the Privacy Policy at any time, by contacting Chubb at