Meet Annie

Annie Cecilia Escobar Arteaga from Argentina.

Thanks to ISI Dublin I have managed to recover the love and the confidence that I once had for the language.

I would like to start by telling you that I didn’t like English so much before I came to Dublin. When I was a child I loved it  but after I don’t know what happened that after years  when I wanted to start  again I put off  it all the time. That is why  I look forward to  English classes on Mondays with great joy because it is one of the things that keeps me strong during these weird years. I can see the progress day by day and it motivates me to go on improving myself.

Happiness, illusions, dreams, frustrations, anxiety, many emotions  together which are part of the learning process,  and that  I feel contained with the school staff because they are always ready to help you with whatever you need.

I love the methodology of each of the teachers and how they manage to transmit  their knowledge, their passion, their experiences, and the love for their country.

Being here is not easy but is it what makes you strong and allows you to keep looking further and  I have been lucky to meet friends with the same wishes of overcoming.

Waking up every day is to thank everyone who makes it possible for us to study here. Ireland is a very generous country with great people, hardworking and with a lot of disciplined people. I have to say it because it is incredible to go for a walk at any time and any weather and I can see people running or exercising. They always tell me with their warm words “Patient, you are doing well, the most important thing is enthusiasm and intention.

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Sales Advisor

Thank you Annie Cecilia for your lovely words. It´s a really nice text, but it would be even better if it had some kind of concluding sentence or paragraph. We really appreciate your effort, and we value your review. Keep working hard! You´re doing a great job!

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