Meet Maikol

Maikol Lagemann from Brazil.

I decided to improve my English skills, but I didn’t know much where I should do it or which school I should choose. When I started looking for schools in Ireland, I was concerned about the quality of the classes, the infrastructure of the school, and after a good look I decided to choose ISI. And I was and still am very happy with it. Since day one, all the staff was very kind and supportive.

Everyone who decides to live abroad knows how challenging this might be, and when you receive the support from the school that you had chosen, it makes a big difference int he way you will conduct your path here. Throughout the time I studied there, I was fortunate to have great teachers, especially during the online classes. Something that I will always remember, will be the amazing way the teachers and also the administrative team, lead all of us students in these difficult times and because of that I am very grateful for.

Today I am able to do a lot of things that I couldn’t do before, when the subject is English, and part of my improvement is due to the ISI and the excellent service they had provided to me.

Our feedback

Sales Advisor

Thank you so much, Maikol for your kind and lovely words! This really means everything to us. Our goal is to make sure we offer the best experience to each of our students. We look forward to seeing you soon again!

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