Meet Rebeca

Rebeca Moller from Bolivia.

I arrived here in Ireland in September 2020 and I started with 100% energy with ISI. I was pleasantly surprised on my first day with through zoom. Even that I did not know anyone I felt welcomed not only by my classmates but much more by my lovely teacher. Time passed and I had other teachers, I would say they are as our parents in our way here in this new country. I felt foreign and very little sometimes because of the language but I ended up believing in myself. I started to walk as a baby step by step, to give smiles, to love everyone, to explore everything (even on rainy days we could walk in Dublin with my adventurous teacher Edia with a smile in our faces), to have fun wisely, and to love Ireland.

If I would have to give a bit of advice to the new students, it would be to ask without hesitation the teachers or any ISI staff because they are always helpful. I remember the cafeteria as one of my favourite places in the ISI building; the coffee smell mixed with the international environment and the friendly staffs could inject in your day a dose of energy. Thank you, ISI for giving me the opportunity to grow with you in the last months and for putting in me the willingness to continue learning more and more. I love ISI because ISI loved me since I started  my first day and make me this new strong person. Thank you, Dublin for paint  my days with colours, for being so green even in cold days and for the friendly happy people that you host.

Our feedback

Sales Advisor

This is adorable! Thank you so much, Rebecca for your lovely words and kindness! This means everything to us. Our goal is to make sure we offer the best experience to each of our students. We look forward to seeing you soon again!

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