Punctuality & Attendance Policy

Classroom Procedure

Each teacher is given a class list every Monday. This class list contains the names of all the students that should be attending their class. Teachers should verify with the academic department if any student is present in class but not listed on their registers. This should be done at the earliest opportunity.

The roll is completed by the teachers each hour. Attendance is taken at the start of class (9 am morning / 1.30 pm afternoon), if the student is absent while attendance is being taken, they will be marked absent for that full hour. In order for students to get full attendance marks, they must start class on time, return from their break on time and leave the classroom only when the lesson has ended. At the end of each week, the roll sheets should be returned to the Academic Department.

Infospeed (Class) Procedure (School Management Software)

Every Tuesday the Academic Manager or Assistant Academic Manager enters the collated roll data into infospeed. Infospeed can then calculate the student’s attendance rate. Students can request an update on their attendance rate anytime at reception.

Checking attendance rates

Every week, the Academic Manager will run a report from infospeed which shows the attendance rate of all students present in the school.

  • Any student who has completed 4 weeks, and whose attendance is below 85%, will receive their first Attendance Warning letter, requesting them to improve.
  • Any student who has completed 6 weeks, whose attendance is below 75%, will be reported to GNIB.

Absenteeism, Behaviour & Expulsion

ISI Management will implement the following warning system in cases of absenteeism:

Warning Letters System

Those who have come to Ireland on a student visa are legally obliged to attend a minimum of 85% of the course they have enrolled in. It is the student’s responsibility to attend classes and inform the school if they are unable to attend for some reason.

First Warning Letter

If a student’s attendance level has fallen below the minimum level, they will be issued with their first warning letter. The student will be given one month to bring their attendance up to 85%. If their attendance is too low to allow them to bring their attendance up to 85% they must have full attendance for the month.

Second Warning Letter

If the student fails to bring their attendance up to the minimum level of 85% attendance or fails to have full attendance for the month they will be issued with a second warning letter. If the student fails to do have full attendance for the month, they will be issued with their third warning letter.

Third & Final Warning Letter

Students that have received a third warning letter must have 100% attendance for the following month if they miss any day or part of a class they will be expelled from the school immediately.
Behaviour policy

ISI management also reserves the right to expel any student who is accused of:

  • Any infringement of Irish law
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Non-payment of fees
  • Violence or bullying or threatening behaviour
  • Damage to property
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol

Students who have been accused of any of the above will face a disciplinary meeting with senior management within 24 hours of the incident or the next working day.
Refund of fees due to expulsion

Study in Ireland Limited trading as ISI Dublin will not accept responsibility for any loss or additional expense incurred by the student in relation to their expulsion and the termination of their course. Students are both legally and financially responsible for any damage or injury they may cause to buildings, furniture, fittings, individuals’ or host family property, etc. In the event that a student is expelled from the school, ISI Dublin will not refund any remaining tuition fees or fees for other services.


Students who have been expelled are entitled to appeal the decision by writing with details of their appeal to the contact details below. A decision on all appeals will be made by senior management within 7 days of receipt of the appeal.

If you have any doubt or question, please, email us at info@isi-ireland.ie