Travel tips: Best secret walks near Dublin

Bohernabreena reservoir

Dublin and Wicklow have some of the most scenic walking spots in all of Ireland if not Europe. And these places are right on your doorstep.

Everyone knows Howth and Bray but there are other far more interesting places. Here are some you may know, some you may not but all of them are fantastic.

Bohernabreena reservoir.

Bohernabreena reservoir

This is a nice leisurely walk around two man made lakes in a valley in the foothills of Dublin. It’s a great spot to pick wild blackberries, do some nature watching (lots of birds of prey live in the area) or have an enjoyable picnic (tables beside the lakes). The best part is how easy it is to get to and how few people know about it.

Take the numbers 49 or 65B buses from Dame Street to the Old Mill pub in Tallaght. From here it is a straight walk of about 30 minutes to the lakes. It will take another 90 minutes to two hours to complete the full lap, but you can just walk to the first lake if you prefer.

Then back to the Old Mill for a pint or a coffee and get your bus to the city centre.

The HellFire Club

The HellFire Club

Sounds scary and, believe me, it is. I grew up near here and we used to tell each other lots of ghost stories. It’s an old hunting lodge built in the 1700s, now everyone says the only person living here is the devil.

But even better than the chance to meet the devil are the views of Dublin from here. (By the way, it’s all free). To get here is very easy. Take the number 15 bus going towards Firhouse. Stay on the bus all the way to the very last stop. When you get off you must walk for about 30 minutes to get to the car park for the Hellfire club. It’s well signposted but if you’re not sure, keep going up. It is a really cool spot.

Shankill Leadmine

Shankill Leadmine

If you have ever taken the Dart to Bray you might have spotted this chimney sticking up from the side of a mountain and wondered what it is. There used to be a lead mine here, back in the 1800s and not only is the chimney still standing, but you can follow the tunnel that leads back to where the factory was.

The Dart is the best way to get here. Take it to Shankill station and you will be able to see the chimney. Keep your back to the sea and start walking. You’ll pass through Shankill village, a lovely spot for a coffee before trekking up the mountain.

We sincerely hope that all this information is to your liking, we assure you that these are places that will not only remain in your photos, but in your memories.

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