Academic Tips: Top 10 Deadly Irish Words!

Hey ISI learners, ready to dive into some deadly Irish words? Let’s explore these cool terms that Irish people use every day!

Number 10: Shift

In Ireland, young people might talk about a “kiss” as a “shift.” So, after a night out, friends might ask, “Did ya get the shift?” It’s like a secret word for a kiss.

Number 9: Gobsmacked

If something makes you really surprised, you can say you were “gobsmacked.” It’s like being so surprised your mouth drops open!

Number 8: Deadly

When something is really good, Irish people say it’s “deadly.” Like, “That concert was deadly!” It means the concert was amazing.

Number 7: Gaff

Your “gaff” is your “house” in Ireland. So, if you’re having a party at your place, just say, “We’re having a party at my gaff tonight!”

Number 6: Gas

If something or someone is “gas”, it means they are funny and make you laugh. “That’s gas” means it’s funny and “She’s gas” means she’s funny.

Number 5: Yoke

When you don’t know the name of something, call it a “yoke.” For example, “Hand me that yoke over there, will ya?” It works for anything you don’t know the name of.

Number 4: Eejit

If an Irish friend calls you an “eejit,” they’re just teasing you in a friendly way. It means they think you’re acting a bit foolish or silly.

Number 3: Feck

When something goes wrong, you can say “feck it!” It’s like saying “oops” or “oh no” in a friendly way. It’s a bit like a surprise word.

Number 2: Grand

“I’m grand” means “I’m good” or “I’m okay” in Ireland. It’s a simple way to say you’re feeling fine.

Number 1: Craic

At the top of our list is “craic.” When someone asks, “What’s the craic?” they’re asking what’s happening or if everyone is having fun. It’s a word for fun times!

There you go! These deadly words will help you chat with Irish friends and make your English sound a bit more Irish. Stay tuned for more fun English tips!

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