Educational philosophy

At ISI Dublin, we believe in providing high quality English language education and a transformational learning experience to all our students so they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

We believe in having an educational process that is effective, professional and dynamic. This includes:

  • qualified, professional and passionate teachers who care for the progress of their students as well as their wellbeing
  • a well-designed syllabus that is in line with CEFR in which the students’ individual needs, desires, goals and motivations are also catered for
  • a dedicated academic management team that has a system in place to support teachers and students
  • an effective way to listen to and act on feedback from students and key stakeholders.

We believe in creating a supportive and stimulating learning environment which allows students to be successful in their English language studies and we believe in creating a nurturing community so that students feel at home and integrated in Irish culture.

We believe in creating a community among teachers and staff so that they feel comfortable, supported and cared for while being part of the ISI family.