Ethos: Mission Statement

At ISI Dublin we aim to provide a valuable, rewarding and memorable learning experience to our students.

We do this by providing proficient English language lessons, stimulating social and cultural activities and a range of additional student support services, in a comfortable, safe, inclusive and stimulating school environment.

We believe that building a nurturing community amongst students is the best way for them to integrate more easily, to feel at home and to achieve their goals during their stay in Ireland.

We strive to listen to our students and make all our classes and services student centered so that students feel catered for and we can meet and even exceed their needs and expectations.

We aim to provide a very high-quality, time-efficient, approachable and personal service to our students (and/or their chosen agents) from the moment of the initial contact with us.

We believe that positive and effective communication is important at every level of the company and it has to start with our employees. For this reason, we all strive to have open communication within and among departments and we support and help each other actively. This in turn has a positive effect in the way we communicate and support our students and stakeholders.