ISI Student Ambassador: Juanita’s Journey To Howth

Journey to Howth
Journey to Howth

Juanita is sharing her experience traveling to Howth as a language student in Ireland.

Howth is a tourist and fishing village located on the north side of Dublin, it is renowned for seafood restaurants, colourful harbours and wildflower-covered cliffs, It is the ideal place to spend a relaxing day outdoors.

In case you enjoy outdoor activities and walks, this is a good option, as you can take a walk along the pier and hike.

The Cliff is the shortest path where you have to walk approximately 6 km, in which you can find young people, adults, and pets walking along the path.

Among the activities of the ISI social program is the possibility of going in a group to Haking to this beautiful place.

How to get there from Dublin city center?

We recommend you go by Dart or Bus are the most economical options you can find, if you are a student you can pay with your Leap Card and the cost is 2 euros (Trip around), the trip is just over an hour from the school facilities.

On this trip you have the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities and do a language exchange, especially the English language, most of the students are very friendly so if you go alone do not doubt that you will make new friends within this trip.

Among the most interesting things you can find are local people jumping into the sea and swimming around, the beautiful visas is something not to be missed if you visit Dublin, watching the waves break and the birds fly is a unique experience.

What should I bring?
The recommendation is to wear comfortable shoes that allow you to endure long walks and a jacket or neckbreaker since we will undoubtedly have some wind at the time of being in the chasm, it is imperative that you take your cell phone with charge to take wonderful photos within your walk.

During the walk you have the opportunity to walk at your own pace if it is the first time you do hiking don’t worry, Ricardo is very patient with first-time people and we have the opportunity to rest, in the same way we have spaces to take pictures and enjoy the landscape.

In the end, we took part in group photos for the memory, the excursion ended when we all returned to the center of Dublin and everyone could go home to rest.

Without a doubt, it is an experience that you should enjoy if you have the opportunity to attend the social activities offered by ISI.

Hope her story gives you some insights into studying and traveling in Ireland as a language school student. Please find below pictures shared by Juanita.


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