Meet Harumi, “ISI Challenge” Winner

Harumi, ISI Challenge winner.

Congratulations Harumi! You have been selected as the winner of the “ISI Challenge”.

Harumi, ISI Challenge winner.
Harumi, ISI Challenge winner.

We want to thank all 35 participants who sent us their beautiful stories about ISI and about Dublin! Our Academic team, made up of teachers Florencia, Roberta and the Director of Studies Jennifer, read through your writing with laughter and a few tears!

 We were really touched, not only by the lovely feedback received, but also by the writing level of all the participants. It was wonderful. We will be sending you all an email with the teacher’s corrections, so you can continue developing and improving your English writing skills, and we will include the voucher for free medical insurance & course material, which can be used when renewing an Academic Year course with ISI Dublin.

Below her paragraphs,

Choosing a school outside one’s country is a great challenge. When I was in Brazil what motivated me most to choose ISI, as my school for learning English, was the teaching structure it had, and the students’ testimonies.


Today I can say that I have absolutely no regrets about the choice I made. I’m already in my second course with this amazing school and its dedicated and creative teachers. During this learning process in a year so affected by COVID 19, ISI Dublin was very important to me.


When I was discouraged, I almost considered returning to Brazil, but they helped me to continue believing that, even with remote learning, they would be able to provide me with security, support, and an impeccable standard of teaching.


I love studying at this school. I receive support from both teachers and administration, who are always willing and ready to help with whatever I need.


What really makes this school unique is the effort they take to take care of the students’ well-being. They host a lot of extra curricular activities, which are beneficial because we can practice interacting with other students, and Irish culture.


It also gives us a schedule outside of learning English, to help students’ unwind and to take their minds off everyday stress. In all classes we have a mix of nationalities, which makes learning more effective, because we could only communicate in English.


The staff are always focused on what we need, they are always willing to transform the entire teaching environment so that we feel comfortable. They are also super motivating and push us every day to get out of our comfort zones, and achieve a standard of English we did not know we were capable of.

Thank you so much!

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    It´s very clear and objetive. Congratulations!!!

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