“ISI Challenge” teachers’ feedback

Reading our students’ testimonials has been an emotional experience, a big thank you to all our participants!



Reading our students’ testimonials was an emotional experience for us, just like opening a door into their lives and thoughts, each one entirely unique. What impressed us the most was their willingness to open up completely, sharing highs and lows with honesty, passion and often great humour.

Coming to Dublin to study English was one of the most important decisions most of our students have made in their lives. It took great sacrifice and effort and sometimes a leap of faith! It was deeply rewarding to learn that none of those who participated in the contest regretted coming here and choosing ISI Dublin as their English school.

Undoubtedly, the best part of having participated in this challenge was to know that many of our students felt they could rely on us, teachers and staff, not just from an academic point of view, but from a human one too. They felt that we were always there for them in case they needed someone to talk to and that they would receive support at all times. Some of our students have proudly expressed that they could feel as members of this great family that is ISI Dublin. They have not only made new friends from all over the world, but also built their new ‘Irish’ family in this cosmopolitan city. This makes us immensely happy!

We must also congratulate all the participants for the high level of English they showed in their essays: regardless of the individual level they all did an amazing job! It was such a great pleasure to read them all. It was very noticeable their effort and commitment to do their best and always keep improving their English. We appreciate all the nice words and the different writing styles, ranging from the lyrical to the humorous, and we would like to encourage you to keep up with your writings and your entire learning process. You are all doing a fantastic job!

A big thank you to all our students and best of luck for their next adventures!

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Teachers Roberta and Florencia

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