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English Language Courses for Adults

Choosing to study English could be one of the most important decisions you will ever make!

Fluency and competence in the language is now a necessity for anyone who wants to travel abroad and a prerequisite for most careers.

At ISI English Language School you will find an English course to suit your needs.

All English language programmes are recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), for English language teaching (ELT). ISI Dublin is a member of MEI & ALTO. We are a certified examination centre for the Trinity College London examinations and Language Cert and a preparation centre for Cambridge Examinations.

Our courses are eligible for various EU funding initiatives, including Bildungsurlaub and Erasmus+.

Our teachers have a university degree, a government-recognised teaching qualification and a lot of experience teaching students from all over the world.

At ISI Dublin we aim to provide the highest academic standards and excellent facilities at an affordable price.

Our English language Programmes

We offer a range of programmes to suit all requirements, combining basic language skills with a full range of specialist classes and internationally renowned examinations. These programmes are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their English, no matter what level or ability and cover General English, Business English and Examination practice.


General English Courses

General English Courses


English courses for teachers

English and training course for teachers


English Courses for Adults

Course Materials

All courses revolve around a central course book and workbook and teachers supplement these using authentic materials such as newspapers, magazines, menus, manuals, brochures and a range of other specialized books. Teachers incorporate the use of electronic interactive whiteboards, electronic tablets, the Internet and audio-visual technology into classes. Course books are provided during class and students are given a workbook to take home.

Monitoring Student Progress

We are committed to ensuring that all students are placed in the right level and continue to make progress throughout their studies.

  • Entry test: every student is required to take an online test in advance of arrival and will also be given a speaking test on their first day.
  • Weekly assessment: These are short weekly class tests. The results are given to students and recorded in the student’s file.
  • Every 6 weeks, each class will take either a mid-level or end level test. After your test, you can talk privately to your teacher about your progress, and how you can improve your study skills. If after 6 weeks you have not had an academic counselling session, please see the Academic Manager.


Our level scale is based on the Council of Europe global scale of levels and the language descriptors of the Common European Framework:

Council of Europe ISI equivalent level Approximate exam level
Basic User
A1 False Beginner-elementary
A2 Pre-intermediate KET/IELTS (3)/TOEIC 220+/Trinity ISE Foundation
Independent User
B1 Intermediate PET/IELTS (4)/TOEIC 380+/Trinity ISE I
B2 Upper Intermediate FCE/IELTS (5)TOEIC 520+/Trinity ISE II
Proficient User
C1 Lower Advanced CAE/IELTS (6)/TOEIC 800+Trinity ISE III

Are you wondering what is your level of English?

Take the test online anywhere, anytime. The test contains grammar and vocabulary questions. Get your results immediately after completing the test!

Any doubts?

For further information about our courses, you can directly email me at info@studyinireland.ie or you could also check out or download a PDF version our brochure to know even more about us! or, please, fill out the online form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.