Complaints Procedure

It is the policy of ISI to take a written record of any serious complaint received. One of the Management team should decide whether or not a complaint is of a serious nature and should be recorded in writing.

Examples of complaints might be:

  1. A course or programme is not as described in a brochure, website or other sales material
  2. A service that was booked was not delivered as confirmed. Examples could be:
    a. A driver failed to arrive for an airport transfer
    b. A student is placed in a shared room when a single was booked
  3. A student is not happy with the quality of a service that is delivered. Examples could be:
    a. A host family does not meet their expectations
    b. A fellow guest in accommodation is not suitable
    c. A student does not feel the material covered in class is useful for them
    d. Facilities in ISI are not up to standard
  4. A customer is at a personal loss or injury as a result of ISI negligence. Example:
    a. A student is injured on an activity where adequate safety precautions were not taken
  5. An employee or person contracted by ISI Dublin has not fulfilled their duties or has acted unprofessionally

When a complaint is received the following information should be noted:

  1. Date complaint was lodged
  2. Date the incident or problem was discovered
  3. Name of Student/Agent making the complaint
  4. Name of ISI staff member dealing with the complaint
  5. Details of the complaint or problem

Complaints should be dealt with immediately and within 24 hours of the complaint being logged. If this is not possible a full update should be given to the student/agent involved.

Details of how the problem was rectified should also be entered into the log. This log entry should contain the following information:

  1. Date the complaint was dealt with
  2. Name of ISI staff member dealing with the complaint
  3. Details of how the complaint was dealt with
  4. Compensation offered if any

When the staff member has a solution they will then arrange to meet with the student or send an email to the agent to explain how the problem has been rectified. If the student or agent is not happy with how this problem has been handled, the complaint will then be passed onto a Director where the complaint will be investigated further.

Complaints should be directed to:

Academic related (class, course or teacher) –
All other areas (accommodation, welfare or general issues) –